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Doctorbird or Red-billed Streamertail - National Bird of Jamaica - Photo copyright Allen Chartier
Jamaican Tody - Photo copyright Allen Chartier Jamaican Oriole - Photo copyright Ronald Orenstein Vervain Hummingbird - Photo copyright Eladio Fernandez Rufous-throated Solitaire - Photo copyright Larry Master
Photo ©
Allen Chartier
Photo ©
Allen Chartier
Photo ©
Larry Master
Avid bird watchers need look no further than Jamaica to discover the allure of exotic bird species. From the cool forested peaks of the Blue Mountains to the unforgettable charm of the lush, enchanting parish of Port Antonio, the island is endowed with a number of off-the-beaten-track vantage points to witness captivating endemic birds in their natural habitat.

“Jamaica is a sanctuary for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts alike who celebrate wildlife and find peace in the simplicities of outdoor adventures,” said John Lynch, Jamaica’s Director of Tourism. “The island’s rustic charm is undeniable and visitors will enjoy discovering the stunning species of birds which are unique to Jamaica.”

Jamaica has an eclectic collection of over 200 resident and migratory bird species including more endemic species than any other Caribbean Island. An enticing treat for birders is the thrill of encountering these 28 species and 21 subspecies of birds, such as the Jamaican Owl, Jamaican Mango, Jamaican Becard and Jamaican Tody, which are found nowhere else in the world. Visitors yearning to set their sights on these majestic creatures can escape to Jamaica any time of the year, but the ideal bird watching takes place between December and June when the varied and colorful North American migrants abound.

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Guided bird watching tours are available for passionate birders. Local expert birding guides will help visitors navigate prominent birding hotspots across the island in search of Jamaica’s spirited species.

Many of the endemic species can be encountered in the Blue & John Crow Mountains National Park, Abbey Green, Hardwar Gap, Ecclesdown and many other densely forested areas on the island. Bird watchers yearning for an up-close-and-personal experience can visit Rocklands Feeding Station, located just outside the resort area of Montego Bay, where bold birds will perch on your finger tip to sip sweet nectar.

Doctors Cave Beach Hotel is centrally located in Montego Bay in close proximity to Rocklands Bird Sanctuary.
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